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Our Heroes do not believe in incomplete or unsatisfactory work!
Your business is ours, which is why we take care of it so well! Don’t take it from us; 

The Heroes’ Stories!


After fighting off an alien invasion on planet Ganymede, Alpha turned his attention to Earth and became fascinated with its dynamics, specifically, business. He looked into it more and found himself being drawn to Marketing and technology. He decided to retire as a fighter on Ganymede and come to Earth to follow his newly found passion for marketing and marketing software. 


Ceasar was a Commander on planet Jupiter and had met Alpha in a previous invasion. Ceasar and Alpha instantly became best friends! When Alpha told him about his adventure on Earth, Ceasar immediately decided to go along with him. Known for his too-long letters to update the General on progress, Ceasar discovered the world of copywriting and content creation. He instantly knew that he could finally put his skills into action!


After being exiled from her planet for rebellious behaviour and her illegal graffiti drawings, Phoenix met Ceasar & Alpha on their trip towards Earth. Having nowhere to go, they instantly became good friends, and she decided to join along. Phoenix fell in love with the world of Graphics, animation and even web design. Embracing her personality, she put her out-of-the-box thinking into use.

This is how Joint Media House came to life!
Alpha, with his strong Marketing & Technology knowledge, joined with Ceasar’s intellect and Phoenix’s skills, they decided to grow Joint Media House and pledged to always think out of the box and dominate their industry. The powerhouse came to be!