We understand and appreciate you joining the JMH train as a client. We understand your value to our company; it took us a lot of effort, time, and money, for you to join us. Working with you for a short-term is not our goal nor our ambition – we look to work with you for the long-term, and your business’s success and satisfaction are our biggest concern.

For you to stick around for the long-term, we like to set a KPI for ourselves, which is your MGF paying our fees first and foremost, and give you the profit you’re after.

We, at Joint Media House, are confident of our business model, our framework, our capabilities and the results that we can generate.

The reason why we guarantee that we are going to bring you results that can at least “pay our fees” within the first 3- 6 months of you working with us.

If we don’t pay ourselves after the 6th month, we will keep on working with you pro-bono until we get there.

In order for us to reach these results, and for the guarantee to be valid,

four criteria must be met.


a. DFY (or done for you) is when Joint Media House will take full control over the engine, from building it, to operating it, to optimizing it, to maintaining it. If we work together using the DFY framework, the first criteria will be considered met.

b. DWY (or done with you) is when both Joint Media House and the client work together on the engine, from building it, to operating it, to optimizing it and maintaining it. In this framework, the client will be the final decision maker in everything in the engine.
In this case for this criteria to be met, the following sub-criteria, combined, must bemet:

I. Response time: all the jobs are going to be
sent to the client and the client must reply and
give his feedback in less than 24 hours.

II. Brief: if any idea comes to the client’s mind
and wants to implement it, a very clear and
detailed brief must be sent to the agency.

III. Conflic: we’ll be working together, and at
some points when the agency and the client reach different point of views, the agency’s duty is to listen well and discuss the idea with the client
and give the right input. If the client wants to
ignore the agency’s input and proceed with
his ideas, this criteria won’t be met and the
guarantee won’t be valid anymore

IV. Agency client SOP: the client must fully abide
by the Client /Agency SOP
https://jointmediahouse.com/clients-sop for
this criteria to be met

Results Qualification

a. The agency and the client will agree on the results value in numbers (in USD) which will help both of them quantify results.
Example: in the case of the “B2B lead generation engine”, the agency’s duty is to deliver the leads for the client to close. Each lead will be given a monetary value which the agency will be responsible of.

Advertising Budget

a. To reach our set marketing objectives, the agency will do its duty by studying the target market and perform the needed simulations and plans, to find the required budget to meet the set KPI’s. The client must approve and provide the needed advertising budget for this criteria to be met.

Business Model

a. We won’t trick you! If your business model or your product don’t qualify for the MGF concept we will tell you. But if you insist on the concept despite our opinion, this criteria won’t be valid anymore.

These criteria are not a way for us to run away from our responsibilities, but a way to clarify the way we are going to take our responsibilities in a serious and responsible way. We don’t give promises just to give them, we don’t scam our clients; we communicate our terms in a very clear and responsible way.