Obscura is located in Joint Media House, Zouk Mosbeh, and is the perfect photography studio for your creativity to
run free. We provide primary equipment upon request to make your shoot as successful as possible.
Our studio is available for you to rent full-day or half-day.

Obscura provides you with the following facilities to make your photoshoots easier and more feasible:

A fitting space where models can easily change outfits

Two bathrooms for ladies and gents

24 wifi with no electricity shortage

AC & Heating

Electric extensions and lighting equipment (available upon request)

Not only this, but Obscura can be rented up to 13 hours a day, 7 days a week!

The studio consists of a 24 m2 area , three backdrops (green, black and white), two Godox softboxes, a lightbox, two ring lights, a lighting tripod, props, and a fitting space.

Different photoshoots can take place

at Obscura!

Food Photography

Fashion Photography

Product Photography

Content Creation Photography

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to book your studio

Obscura’s rental prices range as follows:

Full Day: $300 (8 hours)

Half Day: $200 (4 hours)