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Solution’s Description


This service is specifically for Online Businesses, like E-Commerce, Online Education, Online Booking Service or any business that requires his clients to take their credit cards and buy from their device.
The result of this solution is to increase the number of people visiting the website, creating a lead bait, a sales page and converting these prospects into buyers and referals in the future.

What Do We Do?

All our work is done following our ATM-of Growth Strategy and our Process; Where we help you Attract new clients, Train your clients on how to use your product or service and Maintain your clients as loyal for as long as possible. This Strategy is implemented following our process of Fixing the Base, Setup the system and procedures and Maintain Your Growth.

In this stage we make sure that your business is ready for the marketing campaign, so we do the following:

  • Website Audit technically and for the Online Image.
  • Full Online Business Audit &  Problems Identification.
  • SWOT Analysis for the Business.
  • Create A 1 page Business Plan To Identify Work Structure.
  • Creating Online Customer Journey.
  • Create The Sales Funnel Simulation & Projections with Scenarios.
  • Marketing Consultation for Business’ Online Workflow.
  • Create a Roadmap to the Future Steps with timelines.

In this stage, after identifying the problems and setting up the plan, we start implementing the marketing process by setting up the systems:

  • Reputation Management Process:
    • Online Presence and Figure (Website, SEO, Indexing …)
  • Setting up Automated Systems:
    • Lead Magnets
    • Sales Pages for the front end products
    • Sales Funnels
    • ChatBots (Broadcasts and funnels)
  • Setting up paid media campaigns
  • Setting up affiliate marketing campaigns

We Maintain the process to insure continious growth. We don’t set up our systems and leave our clients struggle on their own. So, we do the following:

  • Setup Ongoing Retargeting Campaigns for Online visitors
  • Continuous A/B Testing for ad campaigns
  • Ongoing Updates and Upgrades for the Sales Funnels
  • Continuous Reporting (SEO, Website …)
  • Ongoing Reputation Management
  • Ongoing Online Consultation Continuous Marketing Strategy Updates

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