Our Process

Joint Media House Work Process


Our process is what makes us unique! We don’t know how to do “Halves”, No half-work, no half-process, no half-efficiency, NO HALF-RESULTS! We only know how to perform full and complete work to provide our clients with full and perfect results.

That’s why we’ve made our process so innovative to identify problems first, then plan the procedures, then solve the issues and fix the base, then set up and develop the systems and maintain them.

Since we don’t like the “Halves”, we don’t leave our clients halfway; We make sure to give them and their employees the needed training and knowledge, and we work continuously on the growth of their business.

In brief, our process passes through six steps; Fixing The Base, Setup The Process, Develop, Train, Maintain and Continuous Growth

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Before starting any project, if there’s any remaining problem in the core of the business, all the marketing efforts are going to be useless.
That’s why we do an audit to your Online and Offline, and then we do the needed tweaking to make sure that the result of the marketing efforts and budget are going to be worth it.

After fixing the base and making sure that the backend of the client’s business is ready, we start setting up the process. We set up the process for present and future actions, going from the business plan to the simulations, to the SWOT analysis, to setting up the needed systems and software, to the scheduling of the advertising campaigns.
This stage is like the final preparation for the real battle.

Here we put the plan into action, we develop the marketing procedures as planned for maximum results. We make sure that the setup systems are working correctly. Also, in this part, we start working on the ongoing marketing process, from advertising, lead generation, chatbot management, reports extractions, and so on.

We love sharing the knowledge! In this part, we train our clients and their employees on how to make benefit of the increased business awareness, and how to transform all the prospects into customers.
We have dedicated training programs, for the used systems, communication, sales, and business management.

We don’t leave everything we’ve done unattended. We, continuously manage and maintain all the systems, procedures, and software. We, consistently perform tests and we monitor all the time what is going on, in an attempt the modify and improve any aspect in the business and the marketing process

Our process doesn’t stop at the maintenance stage. We are as ambitious as our clients if not more. That’s why we consistently look for new ways to keep the business running, and more importantly, continuously growing. This is done by implementing new strategies, testing new systems and so on.