Points Per Deliverable v2.0

– The decision on how to spend these points will be made by JMH and the Client together based on each sprint’s needs during the sprint planning.

– If however, during any month, either the Client or both Parties decide to spend beyond the monht’s allocated points, the maximum points that must be spent is 10% of the monthly allocated points as these points will be deducted from next month’s points.

– If the monthly allocated points were not fully spent, the remaining points will be allocated to the following month.

– If, during the sprint, a task gets cancelled by the Client, its respective points will be deducted from the balance as if the task was completed.

– Points will only be deducted from the balance when JMH delivers the first draft of any task.

– Every task is subject to two revisions within the accounted points. Every two additional revisions will be subject to deduction in points that total half of the respective task’s points.

Deliverables UnitsPoints
SM Account Setup1 Channel/1 Account400
SM Account Update1 Channel/1 Account300
Digital/SM Post Content1 Post60
SM Caption’s Content1 Post90
Digital/SM Post Design1 Post90
Digital/SM Designed Story1 Story60
Digital/SM Story Adaptation1 Story50
Facebook Business Manager setup1 Channel900
SM Store Installation1 Channel900
Content Creation (Blogs/Translation/PPT …)500 Words190
Logo Design1 Logo2900
Logo Uplift1 Logo1900
Branding Guidelines1 Guideline Booklet1500
Brandbook1 Brandbook3500
Presentation Design1 Slide90
Presentation Uplift1 Slide40
E-Book/Freebie (content)1 Page90
E-Book/Freebie (design)1 Page90
E-book/Freebie Cover Design1 Cover200
Offline Design1 Design200
Offline Design Adaptation1 Design170
Brochure Content1 Page120
Brochure Design1 Page200
Company Profile Content1 Page200
Company Profile Content Uplift1 Page150
Company Profile Design1 Page200
Company Profile Design Uplift1 Page150
Packaging Design1 Design1000
Packaging Adaptation1 Design300
Photoshoots Overseeing1 Hour/ 1 Location1500
Picture retouching1 Picture70
Video Editing30 Secs750
Gif Creation1 Gif200
Motion graphic30 Secs1500
Video Shooting1 Hour/ 1 Location1000
Video/Voice Over Script30 Secs300
Voice Over30 Secs300
Logo Animation1 Animation500
Sales Copy1 Page1500
Webpage Content1 Page300
Webpage Design1 Page500
Webpage Development1 Page1000
Website Technical Audit1 Audit650
Website Marketing Audit1 Audit650
Website Site Map1 Website650
Funnel Structure1 Funnel1500
Funnel Simulation1 Funnel750
Popup Content1 Popup60
Popup Design1 Popup70
Popup Development1 Popup150
Email1 Email50
Email Newsletter1 Email60
Email Automation1 Email60
Email Automation1 Workflow400
Email Outreach1 Campaign900
Chatbot1 Block40
Chatbot1 Workflow600
SM Outreach1 Sprint/Channel700
SM Management1 Sprint/Channel500
Ad Campaign Creation1 Campaign800
Ad Campaign Management1 Sprint / 1 Campaign400
Calls1 Hour700
Meetings1 Hour800
Market Research (Qualitative & Quantitative)1 Unit1500
Communication strategy1 Unit1900
SWOT1 Unit500
IMC1 Unit2200
FAB Recommendations1 Unit750
Pestel1 Unit750
Segmentation1 Unit450
Customer Journey1 Unit800
Avatar / Persona’s Identification1 Unit800
Needs & Wants1 Unit500
Competitive analysis1 Unit1300
Marketing Mix1 Unit450
Product Development1 Unit750
1 Page Marketing Plan1 Unit1000
Marketing Timeline preparation1 Unit500
Media Plan1 Unit1900
Campaign Planning1 Unit1500
Campaign Management1 Unit /Sprint500
Additonal Work Not Mentionned1 Working Hour400
Social Media Strategy1 Strategy1500
Social Media Audit1 Unit800
Social Media Competitors Benchmarking1 Report950
SEO Setup1 Website700
SEO Management1 Sprint/ 1 Website700
SEO Report1 Report600
SM report1 Report500
Media Buying Report1 Report500
Marketing Report1 Report1200