We're Unique

While you can view our mission, vision and core values below, we want to talk about why JMH is Unique, beyond these three stereotypical points!
JMH is unique with its service, team and customer service.
We encourage you to go ahead and google Outsource Marketing Departments in the world. We know you won’t find too many.
Ever since our founding in 2014, JMH has had few rules, but strict ones, set for the team.
First things first, we are a team. We are against having any team members feel like they work another corporate 9-5 job. We built a team that works endlessly with its blood, sweat and tears to get you the best results possible.
Trust us when we say – we know no rest. We don’t push any working hours on our team members. Each member is free to work at his or her preferred time of day while thoroughly respecting deadlines and expectations.
We make sure to create a sense of belonging to each one of our team members because when they love what they do, they will always provide you with the best!
We pride ourselves on our Customer Service! Our customer service does not mean we will sugarcoat every detail and offer you a picture-perfect script. On the contrary, we do it the real way. Because we care for your business like ours, we say things as is.
We will tell you that your product needs bettering to boost sales. We will also tell you that we are getting more than expected results. It’s just what we do!