Video Editing Hero

Are you our next Video Editing Hero? 

Joint Media House is looking for the next Video Editing Hero to join our venture and journey. Dedication, efficiency, effectiveness, and creativity are highly required.

What does a Video Editing Hero do?

A Video Editing Hero reviews and edits (and in some cases shoot) raw film or video footage to clean up and help create the final film or video for movies, TV shows, digital storytelling, commercials, and other visual media. A Video Editing Hero reviews raw footage to find the best clips and merges those clips into one cohesive video that is in line with the direction of the video’s goals. A Video Editing Hero is a creative person who adds sound effects, graphics, and special effects and improves the quality of a video for the final product.

Some of the Video Editing Hero jobs: 

  • Creating mood boards for the final video before the shooting or the footage selection process.
  • Assembling or shooting raw footage and transferring or uploading to a computer
  • Following a script, screenplay, or outline
  • Inputting sound to enhance footage, which may include selecting music and writing voice-overs
  • Inputting graphics to enhance footage
  • Digitally splicing film and video and synchronizing them into one rough cut file
  • Improving and correcting lighting, coloring and faulty footage
  • Working closely with directors to present a final product that matches his or her vision

Video Editing Hero skills and qualifications

A Video Editing Hero will be a creative individual with a background in media, art, communication, photography, videography, and/or technology. A Video Editing Hero has a combination of all in order to understand all elements of producing a finished quality film or video. While a college degree is not necessary, it is helpful. A Video Editing Hero must have experience in working with film and video and training in video production and editing software, such as Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro, which are extremely helpful.

Here are several skills and qualifications a Video Editing Hero should have:

  • Training in multimedia and communications helpful
  • Proficiency in editing software programs (Premiere)
  • General understanding of computers and digital equipment and knowledge of new and cutting-edge technology
  • Ability to take and follow direction, while also having a creative eye for improvements