How to Write Email Marketing Copy to Get Some Serious Conversions

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Is email marketing really dead? Of course not! Some might think it is because of the technological advancements that are occurring on a daily basis that has led to other newer, more effective platforms to use in marketing. Here’s the secret, though; email marketing is one of the most powerful persuasive tools used in marketing to get high conversion rates and make some serious sales. Depending on how you write your email marketing copy, you will either achieve great results and conversions or waste money and time for nothing. Now, how exactly are you supposed to write email marketing copy that will get you crazy conversion rates? Well, you can either sit at your desk and write long, complicated stories about how great your product is and why people need to buy it, or you can do it the easy way. Write a short, simple, and concise copy explicitly targeted at your audience. Here are six steps to get you started with writing an email copy that converts.

#1 – Choose Your Goal

Before writing anything, you have to make sure you know what your goal is. Ask yourself what your end goal is and what you want to achieve from this email campaign. In other words, what exactly is the action that you want your audience to take? Do you want to increase brand awareness, increase your sales, or increase click-through rates on your website? You have to specify your goal and preferably keep it at just one purpose; don’t have several goals set for one campaign that will lead to complications and confusion along the way. One of the biggest mistakes that can happen while writing email marketing copies is that the whole campaign is executed without proper planning and strategizing based on the ultimate goal. You can’t just decide to randomly wake up one day and say, hey, I feel like doing an email campaign today. Well, you can, but it has to be done for the right reasons and planned and written in a way that will give you conversions. Based on the goal you’ve set, you can then move on to working on your email copies.

#2 – Identify Your Audience

Wouldn’t it be great to have your product or service appeal to every consumer out there? It would, but unfortunately, if you try to write an email marketing copy that appeals to everyone, you end up writing an email marketing copy that appeals to absolutely no one. To get conversions and achieve your set goal, you have to identify who exactly your target audience is that you want to address your emails to. Put yourself in your target audience’s shoes and think about what your potential or existing customers want and how they feel. Based on this perspective, go ahead, and write your copy in a way that will appeal to them and not bore them to the point where they don’t even care anymore. Prepare an attractive subject line, a simple yet useful body, and use images to attract attention. For example, say you own an online gift shop and write an email copy about a Valentine’s Day sale. Instead of just informing your subscribers about the sale that’s happening, try segmenting your list and writing a copy specifically for your male subscribers, for example, telling them all about how they can give the most beautiful gift for Valentine’s Day this year by taking advantage of the sale in your shop. 

#3 – Write a Killer Subject Line 

Going back to the subject of subject lines, see what we did there? But seriously, keep in mind that subject lines are significant when you want to write email marketing copies. Take it from your own perspective; you probably get tons of emails from different brands and businesses about the various sales and opportunities they have available just for you. Do you take the time to open every single one and read through it? No way! You’d pick a couple of the most attractive looking ones to go through, and which of those do you consider to be attractive? That’s right, the emails with the most appealing subject lines win! Your subject line is the very first thing your audience will see, and no matter how excellent your email copy is on the inside, if your subject line isn’t good enough, there’s no way your email copy is getting read. That is precisely why you should be putting in the effort to write an attractive subject line that will increase your open rates.

#4 – Get to the Point

If your audience opens your email and finds a giant bulk of text stuck together, they’re going to run faster than you can say copy. Why? It’s simple; people absolutely hate having a colossal text section that they are expected to read. It’s visually unappealing and not fun at all. Your email copy is not your blog; it has to be simple, concise, and straight to the point. That being said, the copy also has to be creative, attractive, and fun to read and go through. If you’re unsure how you feel about it, get someone else to read it and give you feedback from an objective perspective. To write your copy’s body, think about what ideas you want to communicate and use headlines and different sections for each notion, preferably starting by stating the problem and then gradually going into the solution.

#5 – Use the Right Verbs

Verbs, verbs, verbs. When you write email marketing copies, the verbs you use to determine how strong or powerful each idea you’re presenting is. If you want people to realize that they genuinely have a problem that only your business can solve, you have to use the appropriate verbs in your copy. This is especially important when you write your call to action. When you call your readers to take action, you make sales. It’s an easy formula that requires detail and attention. Repeat after us: I will not use the passive voice. Using the passive voice is boring! You want your copy to be fun and exciting to get people’s attention and make more sales.

#6 – Test Different Versions 

Don’t be afraid to test your emails. Create two different versions of your email copy and set it out for A/B testing to see which copy your audience responds better to. Depending on the email platform you use, you will be able to write two versions, start the A/B testing, and monitor the results to see which one is getting more conversions and higher click-through rates. 

The bottom line is that it depends on how much you know your audience and the level of knowledge and expertise in the email marketing world. There are so many in-depth courses and guides that you can take to teach you how to master the art of writing email marketing copy that converts. Email marketing is compelling when planned and executed the right way; you have to learn how to develop this skill!

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